Moblogging support in MT4.... well, sort of

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By the way, MT4 RC1 supports moblogging out of the box... for Nokia users. AtomServer in MT4 RC1 includes Nokia Lifeblog protocol support. I have been testing the feature with my own N80 phone and so far it's working for me. Since the feature is experimental, we won't thoroughly test it before MT4 will officially be released. But hey, you can help us test it while you have fun with moblogging with MT4.

There is a known issue - MT4 running on IIS has a minor issue with Lifeblog. Everytime Lifeblog client sends items to MT4, it ends up in an error. However, the items do get to MT4 and they appear fine on blogs.

So, Nokia users, have fun with MT4 (and TypePad and Vox too) !





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